Monday, March 02, 2009

The Birthday Girl

It's Liza's birthday today and we're going to have a little celebration later in the day. Laura has two doctor appointments today and Liza will go over to Seattle to be with her. Poor Laura... so sad that her ears are so messed up.... she broke an eardrum a few weeks ago when she had a bad cold. Now she needs to get it repaired. This isn't the first time she's had surgery on one ear or the other. I'm glad Liza is going with her because discussing surgery on your head isn't ever good news.

But they will be back on the 5:30pm ferry and we'll all have salmon dinner at Richard and Abigail's house tonight, then (at Liza's request) watch the finale of The Bachelor to find out who the Seattle bachelor chose to be his wife. Borrrring I know, but we will be plied with lemon vodka drinks during the show. It actually sounds like a lot of fun.

I have done no quilting for weeks and am seriously behind - by 3 months - on my BOM quilt from The Quilt Show, but I'll catch up. Some day. Part of the problem was that I couldn't make my mind up about the color scheme although I was leaning towards greens in various shades and patterns... floral, paisley and then some pink thrown in for contrast. When I finally find the time to work on it, it's going to look really good. I have all the fabric I need now.

Dean called and he has found himself a very good job as a Broker for a great bank. The previous guy retired and left all of his clients for Dean. I'm so happy for him although I was certain that Dean would be working again quickly because of his knowledge and great personality.

I just thought of a good birthday gift for Liza... a bedroom makeover! She hasn't bought a bed yet and I can pick one up (with Richard's help) and set it up with new linens in a couple of hours. It'll be a nice surprise for her, I think. Hope it works out... I can't do it by myself because I need someone to tie the bed on the minivan... they won't do it at The Mattress Store. Liability, I suppose. Or lazy! Who knows... the thing is they won't do it.

And so the day begins....

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