Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stop it!

Can I just say that large companies - Disney - should not use the networks they own - ABC - to showcase (commercialize) their new movies and characters. Just saying.

The View, which is rapidly becoming one huge Disney commercial, is unwatchable lately. I know that Disney owns ABC but c'mon folks, you're making me not want to ever see another one of your products. Yes, you're good but you're overdoing it, Disneyites.

I have influence, you know.... I have grandchildren who I take to movies, buy gifts for and generally speak to on a great many occasions.... and I will negatively influence them if you keep this pressure up, Mr. Disney. And yes, I do believe that you have some influence over the way your company advertises it's products... even though you're dead! You're either doing all of this from beyond the grave eg: sending thoughts to CEOs or, and I know this sounds like I'm refuting my previous comment... but, Mr. Disney, could it be that you're turning in your grave trying to get out and tell BabaWa to cut it out and stop selling out her show?

Just saying.

I will be quilting today so may have some pictures to post in my next blurb. Did I hear cheering from the pnut gallery?

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